Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Cuz and I - Part 1: Kanyakumari

Well, my cousin Sean and I began our ten day adventure in the southern most tip of India, Kamyakumari - how fitting.

Basically, our trip consisted of catching sunsets and sunrises.

On our last morning in Kanyakumari, we walked up a sunrise tower to view the welcoming of the new day. From left to right, east to west, we could view the vastness of open waters. One of the few places in the world where one can become witness to both the sunrise and sunset in the same place, Seany and I gazed upon one glorious and unimaginable site: the sunrise on the left and a rainbow on the right.

Morning Glory - Welcome to Life

Seany and two thumbs up for our second morning meal, Utapam. Basically a rice pancake dipped in delicious coconut curry served on a banana leaf. See the colorful people engulfing the grub as we are about to follow suit.

Learning to make the southern Paratha with the locals. Paratha is a typical breaded roll, seemingly simple to make, but infact, a bit tricky to flip, spin, and press. Seeing smiles on the faces of the locals is one of the primary reasons for visiting places like this. Another, is learning how to eat like them.

Little snail friends sucking to skin.

And the scorpion becomes us. On the way back from a sunrise viewing, we notice a scorpion minding its own business. Our spotting of this crawly creature got it hammered and killed by our guide around the area. As soon as the scorpion got pelted, sending it to its death, we felt a penetration through our veins, pulsated at an irregular pace, as if the spirit of the fellow infiltrated our very beings. Later on, we came upon the scorpion and realized that its flesh, too, was entering the lives of other beings, literally. What does occur at death. Does one really die, or is this idea fabricated, too. Death is no waste. Flesh is reused, and the energy of the creature, according to the laws of energy, doesn't wither away or dissipate, but perhaps it transfuses with other energies, perhaps nearby. A constant build-up of energy, love energy, life energy - from energy to positive energy, good energy - because it's simply all energy, all of it - so why not turn it to good?

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