Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Cuz and I - Part 3: One BIG Tree

One BIG Tree - Banyan Tree - The tree grows, and the branches descend into the Earth, which then become roots and subsequently become new trunks.

Where is the first trunk? After searching, we still had little clue as each trunk or branch looked as if it could have been the first - one thing is for sure, the tree itself doesn't care which tree trunk came first.
It just keeps growing and growing and growing.

And growing

Do you see a monkey?

How about here - another monkey, perhaps?

See that in the middle - another monkey.

Top right - perhaps the same monkey

Did you know that Buddha became enlightened under a Banyan tree? Climb a tree. And then, climb another tree. There's unlimited energy in a tree, in nature. Embrace it.

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