Friday, March 4, 2011

saigon 2

Cute kid. Kids are everywhere in Vietnam. Everyone has a baby.

Working hard, but really, the women here work really hard. She deserves a nap, or two.

Mekong trip with Z. A boat ride with a woman. Lovin the bare feet approach.

Vietnam Lung.

Drink the Snake Wine. No need for a chaser.


More buzzin'.

Cheers y'all - Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks KFC for our gravy. We're all great cooks!

Vietnam - Saigon Round 1

Z in Nam
P and Milz came out for some horse racing - we all lost.

Milz puking after eating the egg fetus of a duck.

The egg fetus of a duck - before.

Cheers gentleman, and Nhan.

and a hearty cheers to the all loving Koala bears.

P doin' the drunkN' duck challenge - falling short of Z's record.

Z's record: