Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm On A Boat!

Flag flies high.

While Z was chatting away with a local,

I was being summoned over for an evening Vietnamese soup dish, made with real chicken feet.

After Z and I scarfed down some meatless feet, rain began to come down, and we were invited onto their boat. Z and I looked at each other with wide eyes and quickly accepted and were out of the rain and on a boat. A fishing boat with some real characters.

Cigarettes were had with the crew and the captain.

And the man of the boat...the captain.

The rain ceased and we walked back. Getting lost of course.

Circle of Life!

Climbing to the top of the world!

Then we chill, more relaxing, more views.

When nature calls...

Boun Ma Thuot and Another Waterfall

Nam, believe it or not - doesn't matter.

Top of the World

See what happens when you press the GO button.


And go we did.
Not even sure where next is, doesn't matter.

Da Lat Waterfalls

Repelling down waterfalls is the new in. And in we were. With the waves crushing us from above, we lose our footing, then our breathe as the water surges into our mouths and noses. We hang on to the rope and have to pick ourselves up in order to continue the decent.

Then the fall. We release the rope and free fall into the depth, popping up finally only with the need to regain consciousness.

That was just the first fall. Below is the second where we had no footing from the beginning, just straight repelling. One enjoyment was braking the rope to stall in and under the water to allow the water to have its way with me. The continuous crush of the water over my head and on to every part of my body fed new life and new energy into me.

aZ cliff jumping. From high up, we jumped and plunged and resurfaced, somehow. And again, we survived.

And for some reason the people paint their horses to look like zebras. We saw two.

Somewhere in the woods outside of Da Lat.

Da Lat and new life! More waterfalls to come.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NAM - The Beginning

The adventure continues. The Buddha into the sky, here we fly. Up always.

We drive into the trees.

Deeper and deeper we go, never to return.

Our trustee companions. Somehow these toys held up. Held on by glue and rusty copper wire, we soared, and we survived.

Meeting some friendly faces along the way.

And of course, relaxing. We're on vacation, extended vacation. Our first mini retirement.

Peace Out Saigon

Making some bills before the big bike trip.

A friend from Israel returned to Saigon with my favorite bottle of liquor - Arak. Not Arak, Arak!

Z and the ladies jammin' out.

Now Z and Alec jammin' out, reminiscing about old times. This was at our going away party.

Peace out Saigon!