Friday, June 17, 2011

Da Lat Waterfalls

Repelling down waterfalls is the new in. And in we were. With the waves crushing us from above, we lose our footing, then our breathe as the water surges into our mouths and noses. We hang on to the rope and have to pick ourselves up in order to continue the decent.

Then the fall. We release the rope and free fall into the depth, popping up finally only with the need to regain consciousness.

That was just the first fall. Below is the second where we had no footing from the beginning, just straight repelling. One enjoyment was braking the rope to stall in and under the water to allow the water to have its way with me. The continuous crush of the water over my head and on to every part of my body fed new life and new energy into me.

aZ cliff jumping. From high up, we jumped and plunged and resurfaced, somehow. And again, we survived.

And for some reason the people paint their horses to look like zebras. We saw two.

Somewhere in the woods outside of Da Lat.

Da Lat and new life! More waterfalls to come.

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