Friday, April 16, 2010

**KASHMIR** Oh the Birds!

My favorite - The Little Grebe, Water bird, able to swim under water.Baby Moorhen's and their mother - so cute!
The King - Kingfisher
This wall of earth is in the Dandoo's backyard, home to all sorts of birds, including three types of Kingfishers. This Kingfisher may be feeding its young - some sweet sweet blue's.
This is a black and white Kingfisher
This is a Myna Bird. Poor myna, something happened to where it lost its ability to fly. Later on when I came back to look for it, it was gone. Maybe it re-gained its flying ability. Ill never know?
A grey tit. Their flight is a pretty swooping.
This eagle also lost its flying ability. He ran into a power cord up ahead. Some kids nearby found some fish in the nearby lake to feed him.
Ducks fly together - and swim!

**KASHMIR** Passover

Passover in Kashmir with the Dandoo's.
10 plagues and dipping our fingers in the "wine" or grape juice.
Hanifa and Sabreena, the mother and daughter still sing Dayenu everytime I see them. They love it.
Little Tanzeela getting drunk.
A - Salam - Alechem
A Jew in a Muslim Family!