Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sadhana Forest - My Name is Mud

Sadhana Forest: A Small Piece of Heaven
(if you like gettin' dirty)

Digging holes and planting trees is what one does at a reforestation reservation.
Our huts. From our mosquito netted beds, we would peek through our windowless windows, gaze upon the rising sun, making way for the ideal wake up call.Having fun, swinging from the tree branch hairs. Just the beginning of the tree adventures.

My mother used to call me Bugs. Well, here's a Red Velvet Beetle. A stunning little creature making its presence known following a rain storm - and it rained plenty.

Monsoon in Pondicherry.
My sandals began to float away. Luckily, my friend and I were staying inside an internet cafe, and the owner was used to such flooding, so he had a long stick for prevention of such escapees.

Halloween at the Forest. I thought it be fitting to dress up as Adam - you know that story of Adam and Eve, right? There were plenty of Banana leaves around, and plenty of cute Koreans with big bows in their hair to keep me company while my search for Eve continues.Plantin' trees with the locals, singin' songs to the baby trees, gettin' dirty in the mud, and havin' fun in the sun. What the World Needs!
After long days of work and sweat and getting dirty in the mud, we would usually retire with an evening bath - in the Mud. This mud bath was the best - the BEST - and God knows how much I miss it.
More Trees, Big Trees - As a matter of fact, this is One BIG Tree. The Banyan Tree begins with its main trunk, the the branches grow out, then down, then into Earth to become roots, and new tree trunks. This is big, but wait for the Banyan Tree Seany and I discover - WOW

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