Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Name is Mud

This is what happens when your mud guard on your bike is non-existent and you drive in rainy and muddy weather. After about an hour, I couldn't see. I'm surprised I made it that far.

On our stop to fix the bike, we partook in a little tobacco smoking out of the common North Vietnamese Tobacco Bong. One hit and you're done!

One day, we saw a neat drive through Asian up-rise, so we ventured in through it.

And, of course, we found a Vietnamese cemetery where we summoned old Vietnamese ghosts and had some jokes about them, too. They probably haunt us now because of this. Oh, shit.
On one of our stops, we order some Vietnamese Coffee, and the boss was there to collect.

And we can't forget about our famous German friend, Bjorn. What a character. He wasn't lying either.


And another tree climb.

One of my favorite pictures when a small and lovely Vietnamese woman sat down on a bench just under the tree we had just climbed.

Love Life!

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