Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ninh Binh and A Glorious Day

It all started on a calm river through the protruding lime rocks on each side. Picturesque

We were taken aback with nothing to say, so we didn't say a thing. We just witnessed.

Oh, and paddled a bit, too.

Under the rocks and through the caves we went,

When we docked with the boat, we got back on our bikes to continue the adventure through never-land.

We took a turn onto a narrow path and somehow ended up in another cemetery, and again, managed to joke about Vietnamese ghosts. We're screwed, haha.

We continued and came to a magical place. Not just your typical Buddhist monastery, but one with harmony and music and bells and whistles.
Z gets a one on one lesson with the Buddha Master Man

And the Buddha Master Man sends vibrations of life and zen out into the world.

Allowing Z the know how to do for himself and the rest of his world.

When we leave, we see the effects of the Buddha Master Man's tunes. Beauty in the world for the people of the world. Green!

And lush living and liberated love.

Something happened here that will be always inexplicable.

Looking up at all these pictures reminds of all the things unknown in the world, all the wonder in the world undiscovered, leaving me and Z in awe.

And then, we look into a small cave to find two seemingly dead goats. I scrunch into the cave, poke the seemingly dead and white corpses, only to be spooked by there grumble and life.

They're Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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