Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Walk in the Park

A walk in the park

Z and I turned onto a dirt road and kept on riding until we found a place to stay. We thought we could just ride into a village, stop at the local Buddhist Monastery, and the locals would simply present a place for us to lay our heads. Haha, what a silly thought.

A nice setting for a sketchy scene.

Walking by the temple as our "host" gave us the ultimate tour of the village. As we strolled along, we witnessed a wedding on the right and up further a funeral on the left. All that was missing was the birth of a newborn, and the Buddhist cycle would be complete. When we returned to the hosts' house, the wife was not happy. The wife, husbands and other randoms we hadn't met before were yelling at each other profusely. Our initial excitement led to confusing and ultimately being kicked out of their village. At once the sunset was a glorious sight, but now, the sun setting was an awaking for us, now realizing we have no place to sleep and darkness was imminent. We left, and somehow made it to a nearby town, found a seedy place with mosquito's as roomies.

Z welcoming our new roomates, the mosquito's.

Some nice women walking along the beach.

We got crabs.

Z strummin' away.

And somehow finding solace in the chaos of life.

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