Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Hyderabad Part 1

After a 24 hour train ride from the Taj Mahal, I make it to Hyderabad, one of the main reasons me coming to India.Well, I suppose it didn't take too long before my first play of cricket! At my friend Puneets familys place in the city, Puneets cousins and I gather for some indoor cricket. Puneet and I used to work together, and he graciously invited me to stay with him and his family in Hyderabad while he was visiting, too. I have been learning much about the sport, and at this point, I have a good enough idea on how to actually play. Inside the semi-narrow hall, with concrete walls on each side spreading maybe 10 feet wide and expanding at a length of maybe 30 feet or so, we begin. This frightens me just a little because when the cousins bat - they were up before me to show me how its done - they swung for the fences! And being that the fences were so close to the batter, the fielders were also real close to the batter. This meant - watch your face because the ball is coming, and coming fast! Well, in my 2 or 3 weeks in Hyderabad, there was only one minor bruise when a ball zipped through and nailed one of the cousins in the arm. I felt like he may have needed some assistance, but I suppose there had been worse in the past. Luckily, by and large, we all went by unscathed.
This shot is at a museum of creative manmade bicycles and automobiles. This bicycle made in the guinness book of world records for the largest bike in the world - or so Im told. I wanted to climb up and sit on the seat, but I couldnt let the sketchiness get the best of me. I was fine simply standing at the wheel while the rest of it towered over me.Sarah Rappaport, this ones for you. This is Ojis, one of Puneets cousins. Here, Ojis and I grabbed hands and pushed eachother back and forth while maintaining eye contact, creating a mind boggling, well, mind. Little Ojis provided hours of entertainment with his laughing and dancing. Even at the age of 8, Ojis is a star dancer.

Playing dress-up. Some of the cousins enjoyed entertaining themselves by dressing me up in Indian style garb. This is a traditional Indian garb that men would wear for their wedding, called Sherwani. They had some good laughs at my expense, but its ok, but I was laughing at myself as well. Dont worry, marraige is still not just around the corner!

Paul Rohr and Timmy - This ones for you! The ultimate Indian mullet. I had to sneak this picture because as a foreigner, people sometimes stare at you in manners one would not like to be stared at. But, as a foreigner, I suppose you get used to it.


  1. I decided to look at your blog in order to procrastinate studying for the 2 midterms I have tomorrow...yea I know youre jealous. Honestly I got excited to see that you posted another blog. I love the pictures, especially the one of you in the traditional Indian garb, its very fitting. Anyway, it really looks like youre enjoying yourself

  2. I like the tallit. You should go for the mullet; the guy in the pic is manlier than Jaromir Jagr - former Mullet King of the World.