Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Hyderabad - The Kites!

Sankranti Festival - The Kites are all over the city. And everyone is atop their terrace to fly them. An entire city in hysteria. It may be difficult to see throught pictures, but try to imagine thousands of kites in the sky all over the city.Beautiful and Colorful are the women. Puneets sisters-in-law and friend, dress up in traditional Hindi garb. They were more of a sight to see than the kites!
I have learned how to fly kites from none other than the greatest kite flyer of them all: Puneet. Puneet is said to be the best. He can cut a kite from any distance. Watching him fly a kite is quite a spectacle, indeed. Even Ojis, just to the right of Puneet, takes fancy at imitating Puneet. Again, he is quite the entertainer.
Night Kite flying was a trip. As the Sankranti festival was my last day/night in Hyderabad, I spent it all day and night flying. Flying high were the kites in the misty dark night. The lights were shining upwards, and the kites so colorful. Thousands of kites were up all day and night, with no time for breaks. A great way for my time in Hyderabad to come to an end.

I wake up the next morning - 5am, to catch a 27 hour train ride back to Delhi. Fun

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  1. Excellent read. I've never done anything quote like that. I'm jealous.