Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sheer Beauty

The Taj Mahal.
I could have stayed here for days just staring at this masterpiece.
When I first arrived here, there was a line just to buy tickets of over an hour. I stood and line and waited patiently just like everyone else. Then a man approached me and offered a proposition. The tickets to get in were around 500 rupees ($10). He offered to sell me a ticket for an additional 500 rupees and I wouldn't have to wait in line. I told him no, I didn't mind waiting. He kept pushing, and slowing lowering his price. "OK, only 400, fine, only 300, but thats the last I can do." I didn't want to pay anymore than the original price. Finaly he confesses. He says, "OK, OK, there is a line for non-Indians, come with me." I was a bit doubtful, but I gave in and followed him. Sure enough there was a line for non-Indians, which I was the second in line, for the same price as everyone else. I don't blame the guy for trying to make some extra cash. I wonder if any tourists have fallen for this scam - I'm sure of it. I'd been here for long enough to know when to call peoples bluffs. Of course I ususally get ripped off whenever I purchase anything, but again, Im used to it at this point.
There are times when I become more amazed at the natural environment and animals that live nearby than the main attraction itself. I find a tree and see a parrot popping in and out of a hole in the tree just next to the Taj. I take many photos and these take the cake.

There are over 20 or so eagles flying in and around the Taj as well. While I wait over 2 hours just to enter the Taj, I take many photos of the eagles just going about their day at the Taj, what a life!


  1. Benny, that pic with the parrot and his head just poking out of the hole is hilarious. Sounds like you're having a great time. :)

  2. Hey Benny, saw Puneet's pictures last Friday. I can tell you're having a blast! You're quite the kite flyer. Loving the blog!