Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Sun Always Rises in Cambodia - Angkor Wat

The Sun Always Rises in Cambodia, and seeing it at Angkor Wat is a Blessing.

It is a blessing because of this woman. Tying yellow string to those visitors who take a second look at this enlightened lady, she places her hands together to distribute her unlimited gifts of the heart.

Take a gander at life!

Home for these kids are these temple walls, which have broken down over the last 1000 years, allowing them to grow beyond the walls as the trees have.

And the trees will always grow, over everything and all. There is no stopping em'. And we climbed up. Even some small kids saw us and went on up as well. Times!

Father and son at home and at peace.

More trees growing out of the ground and out of the temple.

More trees. More temples. More Times.

And of course, the babies.

Livin' it up.

A friend I met, again. She also had yellow around her wrist.

Cambodia is Gold!

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