Friday, May 14, 2010

Jammu: Just Passin' Through

From Kashmir, I took a 7 hour Jeep ride through the mountains to arrive at Jammu, where I was staying for just the night. The next evening I was to catch a 15 hour train ride to spiritual Haridwar.The day was spent touring different temples, museums, and national parks. This ferris wheel was part of an amusement parks for one of the larger temples in Jammu. A very interesting experience to say the least. Cameras are never allowed inside, and I now understand why. Waiting in long lines lends to some fascinating people watching. One guy seemed to be possesed by God, and it seemed as if I was the only one really curious as to what was really going on. My guide kept saying "God is coming, God is coming" and the other people waiting in line acted as if this was a daily occurance - people being "possessed" and crazily shaking their heads up and down, left and right, and the body moving in all sorts of directions as well. India really is incredible!

Somehow we were able to sneak a picture with this portrait. The eyes kinda creeped me out, but the museum was actually really nice.
A national park with many different kinds of animals, and the peacock, the bird of India, with its array of colors.
Again, Jammu is famous for its temples, this being one of them. Sitting on the bank of a river, you can see a few giant statues facing the city. Ganesh, the elephant headed God on the left. Hunaman, the monkey God in the middle. And some other statue that I am unsure of. It may be difficult to see, but in the bottom left, many people are taking sin cleansing baths in the river to purify their souls.

Thats all we are - Just passin' through!

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